Editorial Guidelines

The Responsibility We Have to Our Readers

Our readers can expect Good Times Mexico to treat them fairly and openly. Good Times Mexico strives to keep readers informed of the latest travel and lifestyle trends in a thorough and objective manner. We are committed to the rapid correction of errors as soon as they are discovered.

When we interact with our readers personally, by email, by phone, or by any other means, we always show civility and courtesy.

An Objective Approach

Through our commitment to the values of ethical journalism, we aim to serve the public’s interests. Every article or news story we publish strives to deliver a fair, thorough, and accurate representation.

Fact Verification

In our editorial department, we edit and review all articles written by our staff and freelancers. When writing articles, writers are expected to be accurate and to use sources when presenting information to the reader. Articles are fact-checked and edited by our editors before being published.

Policy for Correcting Errors

When we are made aware of errors, we correct them as soon as possible. Our editors investigate and verify all errors as soon as they are brought to our attention. Corrections are then published within the article as soon as they are approved.

Updates to Articles

Our articles are regularly updated to ensure that the information is as current as possible. The last time an article was updated is noted on every article. We may also remove old articles or redirect them to more appropriate articles.

Write to the Editorial Team

Write to editor@goodtimesmexico.com if you have any questions or concerns.