Isla Mujeres Cheap Rentals: Low-Cost Backpacking Guide

Plan a Budget-Friendly Trip to Isla Mujeres

David Araya | Updated January 27, 2023

There are many options for low-cost rentals in Isla Mujeres. Backpackers on the island enjoy affordable accommodations at cheap rentals, apartments, condos, and hostels.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the best options for backpacking in Isla Mujeres. The low cost of rentals here also makes living in Isla Mujeres a great option for retirees.


Reasonably priced rentals can be found all over the island, even in popular areas such as Playa Norte. Rentals here provide a much more private and luxurious stay than hostels while still being highly affordable.

Some rentals include amenities such as pools and balconies. And since many include private kitchens, you can save money by not eating out.

NautiBeach Condos

NautiBeach condos start at $600 per week for a single bedroom. This is a great option for those looking to stay for long periods.

The private condos aren’t short of amenities, from private swimming pools to beach umbrellas, daily cleaning, free Wifi, and massages.


Houses on Airbnb can be rented for around $40 a night, and private rooms for only $20. 

Suites Lorens 

These completely private apartments come with a kitchen, living room, free WIFI, flat-screen TV,  air-conditioning, and a private bathroom for around $80 a night. 

Suites Lorens is on the higher end of the more affordable places to stay. 

These apartments are perfectly located, only 50 yards from Isla Mujeres beach and just over a mile to Playa Norte. Suites Lorens also includes a free shuttle bus to and from the airport, perfect for those arriving or leaving the island on a budget.

Mi Alegria Studio 

Mi Alegria Studio is an affordable option for backpackers on Isla Mujeres. This apartment boasts a double room perfect for two people and a living room with flat-screen TV and WIFI. 

Its location in the island’s center, only 500 meters from Pescador Beach and 750 meters from Paraiso Beach, makes it perfect for those looking to engage in the local culture and relax on the beach. 

Mi Alegria Studio costs around $35 a night, so it is a great option for those on a budget.

Casa Wandy 

These affordable apartments boast a private terrace, perfect for soaking up the sun. 

While still located in the island’s center, Casa Wandy is further away from the tourist areas, making it a quieter place to stay for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the nightlife and stream of tourists shopping during the day. 

These apartments include a private car park making it a perfect place for those renting golf carts to store them. Casa Wandy costs around $55 a night, and the rooms feature a mini-bar, flat screen tv, and kitchenette in all rooms.

Casa De La Paz. 

Located 500 meters from Parraiso Beach, Casa de La Paz is an affordable option for those looking for private accommodation. 

The apartment includes one double bed, free WIFI, complimentary breakfast, cleaning during the stay, and parking. The price is around $65 a night. 

There is also access to fishing, diving, a waterpark, and the beach. A common area of a shared lounge and tv room are also available. Casa De La Paz is a great option for those who want a private room at an affordable cost.


For those on a shoestring budget, Hostels are a cost-effective way to travel as a backpacker on Isla Mujeres, and there are many options. 

The cheapest hostels on Isla Mujeres only cost around $15 a night. Hostels usually have room options from 4 people to 8,16, and even 24 beds. 

Many also have private rooms and female-only options; however, private rooms will come at higher costs. Despite the affordable prices, many of these hostels have a range of activities and extras to participate in.

Nomads Hotel, Hostel, & Beach Club

The most popular hostel on Isla Mujeres is Nomads Hotel, Hostel, & Beach Club. This cost-effective hostel with a shared room costs around $30 a night. 

The club features no shortage of activities, with a pool bar, sunbeds, and hammocks being only a few of the options. Nomad’s location on the beach makes it the perfect option for sunbathing, swimming, and taking in the Mexican sun. 

For those looking to meet new people, Nomads Hotel, Hostel, & Beach Club Is a great option as the guests are an eclectic mix of world travelers and backpackers. 

Nomads also host regular events, including DJ and club nights. These take place every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so there is plenty of chance to party without even leaving the hotel. 

If partying isn’t your thing, Nomads Hotel, Hostel, & Beach Club also holds its own tours on the island, these range from luxury excursions such as visiting whale sharks, scuba diving, and spa treatments to renting paddle boards and golf carts. 

One thing to consider about Nomads is their popularity. Check their availability or visit in the off-season to ensure a room. Nomads has a variety of options while visiting. They offer 8,16, and 24 bedrooms. In addition to this, female-only rooms are available.

Les Trois Singes Hostel & Bar

Les Trois Singes Hostel & Bar boasts a variety of room options, including shared and private rooms. The shared rooms here are only around $15 a night, making it one of the most affordable options on Isla Mujeres. 

The hostel also boasts many amenities, such as a pool, rooftop bar, and currency exchange on site. 

This hostel is less than a 10-minute walk from Playa Norte beach, making it perfect for those who want to relax on the beach. In addition, the Jetway Ferry to Cancun regularly sets sail from the port nearby, making it a great option for those who want to visit the mainland on a day trip.

Itze Hostel

Itze Hostel is the perfect option for those looking for an affordable stay in an ideal location. The hostel is only 5 minutes from Playa Norte beach, making it one of the only hostels near the beach. 

Itze Hostel provides Wi-Fi, board games, a shared kitchen, and beach access. This makes it perfect for those who don’t want to spend large amounts of money traveling to and from the beach. 

Beds in a 4-bed dormitory at Itza Hostel cost around $40 a night. 


For those looking to spend a little bit more on accommodation, some hotels are available at reasonable costs. Hotels, while being more expensive, do boast more amenities such as pools, restaurants, and complimentary breakfast. 

These are also completely private rooms with private bathrooms and sometimes even balconies.

Hotel Plaza Almendros. 

While a more basic option for hotels on the island, Hotel Plaza Almendros is an affordable hotel for $80 a night. 

This hotel justifies its price by having nicer amenities and features available than most hostels, including a luxurious pool. Hotel Plaza Almendros also provides tour reservations, including diving, snorkeling, swimming with whale sharks, and golf cart rental. These services make exploring Isla Mujeres safe, easy, and affordable.

Selina Isla Mujeres 

On the north end, in front of playa Media Luna is Selina Isla Mujeres. There is no shortage of things to do at Selina, with a cocktail bar, library, movies, seafood restaurant, and PADI diving center on-site. 

This hotel boasts less than a 10-minute walk to the Playa Norte beach, the most sought-after beach on the island. They also offer rental options for golf cars, bikes, and can help you obtain electric scooters to get around the island quickly. 

Selina also runs events ranging from Hiit classes to yoga classes, karaoke nights, games nights, and even beach cleaning for those environmentally conscious travelers.

The cheapest shared options are around $20. The 8-bed shared rooms include free WIFI, air conditioning, and hot water, making it a perfect option for backpackers. For around $30, breakfast can be included in the stay.

Hotel Kinich 

Rooms at Hotel Kinich cost around $110 a night. This hotel includes free WIFI, private balconies, air-conditioning, a tv, microwave, and refrigerator in the room. 

The hotel also has a small eatery on-site for convenience. It boasts city view rooms, giving guests the ideal lookout when sitting on their balconies. This is a great option for those who want a more luxurious stay. 

Hotel Kinich is within walking distance of some of the Playa Norte.


There is no shortage of options when backpacking in Isla Mujeres. When visiting on a budget, options range from affordable hostels to rental homes and even low-cost hotels. 

Many of these options go beyond a bed, with some of the most popular options, such as Nomads Hotel and Selina, providing entertainment right within the hostel’s walls. 

Rental homes are the best option for those looking for a completely private experience with access to a private kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. 

Those who want to meet new people, party, and explore hostels may be the best option as they are the easiest way to meet like-minded travelers from around the world.

Written by David Araya

David Araya

David Araya is an Isla Mujeres resident of many years. He is a husband and Co-founder of the “Cooks for an Island Cause” and “Toys + ‘Tings” non-profit organizations. He is also the host of ShakerSation. Follow David on Instagram @araya_bartekniks